Moran Norris in the Media:

Retired NFL Player Hosts Holiday Appreciation Event for Teachers and Staff from his High School Alma Mater, Madison High School

December 2019

Retired NFL player Moran Norris hosted an appreciation luncheon for 150 faculty and staff members at Madison High School. The event will take today Friday, December 20, 2019, from 11:45 AM to 2:00 PM at the Union Kitchen-Washington, 6011 Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas 77007.

The purpose of the luncheon is not only to celebrate the upcoming holidays but to also show appreciation to the Madison HS faculty and staff for their hard work toward academic successes and gains. “I know the principal, Ms. Carlotta Brown, and her team works very hard to ensure that Madison HS students are successful academically. When she asked for support of this luncheon through the HISD Community Partnerships Department, I was on board very quickly. I considered it to be a great honor to support this effort and give back to my alma mater,” said Norris. Norris graduated from Madison in 1996.

Moran Norris is a graduate of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas with dual degrees in Communication Studies and Crime and Delinquency. He also is a retired NFL football player and has played with the Houston Texans and San Francisco Forty-Niners to name a few.

Along with his wife Tamara, Moran founded the Moran Norris Foundation “to leave a lasting impact on youth in the Houston area so they can pursue and achieve their dreams.” Through the foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Norris have been an HISD partner for over 15 years, providing programs, incentives and scholarship opportunities for HISD students and schools.



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Madison High School Honors Moran Norris with Jersey Retirement Ceremony

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When Moran found out that he would be honored in a ceremony retiring his number he was understandably excited. Some of his friends in other parts of the country, however, did not get it. They were like, “Seriously, Moran?! You played 12 years in the NFL, what’s the big deal about a high school number?!” Clearly, these people do not understand high school football in Texas; because this IS a big deal. It’s a VERY big deal!

There have been other football players coming out of Madison who went on to be successful NFL careers. Some of you may have heard of Vince Young, for example, but no other player has had the type of impact that Moran has had on this school and in this community.

We all know Moran was a great player while at Madison. He was a Blue Chipper Offensive Line Player of the Year and selected for All-City and All-District teams. I’d like to think that Coach Strozier and I had something to do with his development, but I think the most important thing we did for Moran was believed in him. From very early on we could tell this guy meant business -- he had the skills and the will to succeed. I would often tell Moran, “Moran, you’re big, you’re strong, you’re disciplined, and you’ve got good grades. You just have to want it and you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to.” It was exactly this attitude, spirit, and drive that led Moran to a successful career at the University of Kansas, followed by 12 years as one of the NFL’s most effective, and last, pure fullbacks. He took great pride in his craft and was the best- in 2006 helping Frank Gore to rush over 1,600 yards in, and earn a pro-bowl selection. In his NFL career, as he has been his entire life, Moran was an overachiever; drafted in the 4th round in 2001, 115th overall. Moran excelled on the Saints, 49ers, and Lions before finishing up his career here with the Texans in 2012.

Moran credits his supportive family for his success. His dad instilled the right values into Moran’s psyche at a young age- telling his son to always work hard and good things will happen. And to the beautiful women in his life: Moran credits his mom and his wife Tamara for always having his back and keeping him grounded. His older brother Graston paved the way at Madison and served as a great model- someone Moran always has, and still does, look up to. And, of course, his daughter London Pooh is the source of his pride and joy and brings balance to his life.

Still, I will take some credit for Moran’s success. For, ironically, it was I who advised him as a high school senior that Kansas would eventually convert him from a tight end to a fullback, to which Moran responded, “Oh no they won’t!”

As many of you already know, Moran’s drive has not diminished one bit since his retirement from professional football. Only now he directs his energy to help struggling kids in this same community through the Moran Norris Foundation. Through the Foundation’s academic achievement, mentoring, and health and fitness programs, Moran is illuminating a pathway to success for young people in Houston who lack role models, direction, and inspiration. So today we honor you, Moran, for your contribution- not just to football and not just to this school, but to humanity as well. Today we retire the number of a man whose competitive spirit and nurturing heart knows no limit.


Students at Four Schools Create Upbeat School Murals
Thanks to the Moran Norris Foundation and artist Fernando Romero, dozens of HISD elementary students had a chance to create new murals at their schools in early September. Continute reading the article


Moran Norris Foundation Donates School Supplies to Madison High School

The Moran Norris Foundation gave away school supplies during freshman orientation at Madison High School on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015. Click here to see pictures from the event.

The Moran Norris Foundation is a group of dedicated individuals who have a passion for helping youth progress to higher standards in education and character. Each year the foundation sponsors Shopping for Good Character for HISD Middle School students.

The organization was founded Moran Norris, a former Houston Texans and San Francisco Forty-Niners player and his wife Tamara. Mr. Norris attended Montgomery ES, Dowling MS, and Madison HS. He graduated from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas with dual degrees in Communication Studies and Crime and Delinquency. Tamara Norris attended Mading Elementary School, Hartman Middle School, and Jones High School.


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The Moran Norris Foundation to Begin Charitable Work in Houston Texas with Shopping for Good Character Program Hosted at Target.

Local Houston Area NFL Player Supports Charitable Foundation by Giving Back

Houston, TX May 8, 2014 – The Moran Norris Foundation, founded by fullback, former Houston Texan #44 and San Francisco 49er is debuting its 9th Annual Shopping for Good Character Outing this Friday, May 9th, 2014. The event will be held Houston’s South Central Super Target located at 8500 South Main Street.

From 10:00 to 11:00 AM, one hundred middle school students from Marshall Middle School, McReynolds Middle School, Hartman Middle School, and Dowling Middle School will be transported to Target and earn a $100 gift card to spend as a reward for exemplifying good character and academic excellence. In collaboration with Target, the Moran Norris Foundation and Moran himself will be handing out these gift cards for each student to use while shopping.

These students have been selected by a group of their HISD faculty, coaches, and administrators to participate in the event based on his/her exemplifying good character as displayed through his or her respect for others, being well behaved, and other character traits such as trustworthiness and honesty. After the students are chosen based upon the merit of his character, each student must then write an essay discussing why he should be chosen.

The Shopping for Good Character program is only one of the many community philanthropy arms of the Foundation. The Foundation has four programs current such as the annual “Follow Me” Football Camp, Shopping for Good Character, Pay Now Play Later, and Athletes for Art programs which support the Foundation’s charitable mission. The annual fundraising Gala will be held this year at the Hotel Zaza on June 28th, 2014.

Our sponsors this year include: BMW West, Target, HEB, evamor water, Century 21, and 002 Magazine.

Find out more about our gala and options to donate by visiting: Please visit the Donation Catalog to purchase your tickets to this year’s Annual Fundraising Gala.

About the Moran Norris Foundation:

The Moran Norris Foundation family is a group of dedicated and committed individuals who have a passion for helping youth progress to higher standards in education and character. In collaboration with our Board Members, Houston ISD and other local partners, we strive to provide students, parents, and teachers with programs and resources to combat student dropouts, improve student attendance and conduct, increase awareness of the importance of community and extracurricular involvement, and increase commitments to higher education. The foundation has created programs that begin with direct and personal communication on how youth can achieve their goals. We believe that each child, given the opportunity, can overcome these obstacles and realize their dreams. We then challenge and encourage youth to take advantage of their education and developing great character, and we reward participating students for their efforts.

For Press Inquiries, interview opportunities with Tamara & Moran Norris, or Foundation Members, Contact:

Dale Wilkins
[email protected]