About Us

The Moran Norris Foundation family is a group of dedicated and committed individuals who have a passion for helping youth progress to higher standards in education and character.

Many communities, such as Houston and its surrounding areas, are plagued with juvenile delinquency, drug and gang violence, poverty, under-funded educational programs, alarming drop-out rates, and many other factors that contribute to the attrition of growth and prosperity of our youth. As a result, many youths do not receive a standard education nor develop into productive citizens. We believe that each child, when given the opportunity, can overcome these obstacles and realize their dreams.

We have created programs that begin with direct and personal communication on how youth can achieve their goals. We then challenge and encourage youth to take advantage of their education and developing great character. Finally, we reward participating students for their efforts.

In collaboration with our Board Members, Houston ISD, and other local partners, we strive to provide students, parents, and teachers with programs and resources to combat the challenges associated with various types of behavioral problems. The Foundation’s success in these areas is attributed to programs such as the annual “Follow Me” Football Camp, Shopping for Good Character, Pay Now Play Later, and Athletes for Art.

Our goals include: decreased student dropouts, improved student attendance, and conduct, increased awareness of the importance of community and extracurricular involvement, and increased commitments to higher education.

Each year the MNF teams up with four to six partner middle schools in the Houston School District and works with the educational leaders to implement a semester-long academic incentive program. The goal for every school partnership is the same: to motivate and incentivize students to work harder in school, and to support teachers and administrators in their efforts to improve student achievement. Currently, the Foundation works with the following middle schools: Marshall, Cullen, Williams, McReynolds, Woodson K-8 and Dowling.

In 2012 the Houston Independent School District conducted a “Program Impact Evaluation” of the Foundation’s Shopping for Good Character program. The evaluation concluded that over 3,500 students had been impacted by promoting positive identity and positive values.

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